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Winters can be cold and dark, but it can also be fun. I’ve lived in the mountains of Colorado for many years, and I love winter and winter sports. If you like sports, you might like skating, ice hockey, sledding, tobogganing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, skate skiing, or snowshoeing. You have to go to ski areas to ski and snowboard, and ice rinks or ponds to skate, but if there’s snow and a hill, you can sled or toboggan, usually for free. You don’t even need hills to snowshoe or cross-country ski. Always go with an adult and have her make sure that the place is appropriate and safe for the sport.

You don’t have to have special equipment to build a snowman or snowwoman. All you need is snow. Dress them up with sunglasses, branches, old jewelry, gloves, scarfs, fruits or vegetables. Take pictures of them and email them to me. You can also make snow angels. Simply lie down on your back and move your arms and legs to make wings. And what could be more fun than a snowball fight?

If you don’t want to play in the snow or don’t have snow where you live, you can still enjoy the shorter and chillier days. Baked goods fresh out of the oven melt in your mouth and are perfect on cold days. Bake cookies and brownies with your parent or adult friends. The oven heats up the kitchen, and the house smells so delicious. Hot cider and hot chocolate are perfect with treats and warm you up, especially when you’ve been outside. Ummm good!

Winters don’t have to be dreary, there are lots to fun stuff to do. Go do it!

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