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I've been teaching how to write a Middle Grade Book at writing conferences and other venues. Students told me my sessions were extremely useful, so I decided to expand it and turn it into a book. I hope it helps you to become a novelist. When you become a successful author, please let me know through my website marikotatsumoto.com.
In this book, I reveal the truth about why the highest-selling Adult Book authors like John Grisham, James Patterson, and Rick Riordan are writing Middle Grade Novels. These authors are selling their kids’ books like gang-busters. Many are being turned into movies. This book will teach you all the basics and the secrets to joining the Red Hot Kids’ Book Market.

By the time you finish this Essential Guide to book writing, you’ll have a fully flushed novel for kids 8-12 that will hook and keep kids hooked until the last word. You’ll learn to write in a style that will appeal to kids, develop characters they can relate to and love, comply with rules for writing for children, understand the book market and how to get your book published.

This book will help you unlock your true author potential.


Praise for Mariko Tatsumoto's Teachings:
"Like plotting a route on a map before taking a trip, Mariko Tatsumoto's book is an insightful and to-the-point guide for writers of Middle Grade fiction. She knows what children want." Terry Wright, editor, TWB Press and Amore Moon Publishing
"Going through Mariko Tatsumoto's book and doing the exercises helped me think through the bones of my novel, the foundation, and aided me in making it better. The topics and exercises on theme, character, dialogue, plot, etc. are vital building blocks for any novel - timeless lessons for a well-crafted story." Jerilyn Winstead, Author of Encyclopedeia Magica: Volume 1 - Alchemy
"Your books are enlightening and your workshops inspiring!" Jenny Martin, Middle Grade Book Author
"Your How-To Write a Middle Grade workshop was wonderful!"Rebecca Davis, Middle Grade Book Author



After a brief introduction, Mariko dives into the subject matter. The short explanations along with "before and after" writing examples make this book exceptional. In addition, exercises at the end of nearly every chapter provide brainstorming sessions and checklists that help the reader compose and evaluate their middle grade novel. Published novel titles, interspersed throughout the book provide examples and a solid bibliography. Well worth the money.

Because the author is concentrating solely on writing for Middle Grade readers, you get moire comprehensive advice than books which cover writing for children of all ages. I found lots of useful advice here.

I bought it using my wife's account but decided to come here and use her account to leave a comment. Sorry for my english, it is my 2nd language.

I'm a published writer already, by publishers in different parts of the world (Penguin, Castelmore, etc) and in my native country of Brazil. Usually i am suspicious of "how to books". I actually hate most of them. So, when I bought this one I wasnt expecting to like so much, it is so clear and simple and direct and useful. It's not one of those "believe the universe" Tony Robbins-esque.

Many things, as a middle grade writer myself, were concepts already known to me, but it is good to freshen up and be reminded what you are writing, the genre and rules around it. This is one of few books about writing - besides stephen king's on writing - i would actually have courage to say "read it, it is not full of bs".

I liked it. Im going to search for other books by this author.



ISBN: 978-0-9966584-5-4

Published February 10, 2019

Published by Ichiban Books LLC